The Magic of Bone Powder: A Raw Feeding Delight for Your Pet

The Magic of Bone Powder: A Raw Feeding Delight for Your Pet

Have you ever wondered about the secret ingredient that could make your pet's meal truly magical? Look no further than bone powder! This finely ground marvel is a treasure trove of nutrients packed into your favourite Proudi patties. Whether you have a dog or a cat, bone powder is here to sprinkle a little extra goodness into their diet.

Bone Powder: The Superstar of Raw Feeding

Bone powder is meticulously crafted to offer a powerhouse of nutrients for your dogs and cats. When it comes to raw feeding, bones are a vital component, providing essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus, crucial for maintaining healthy teeth, bones, and overall well-being in our pets.

But why does Proudi use powder? Well, this finely ground form of bones offers several benefits:

Enhanced Digestibility: Grinding bones into powder ensures that they are easily digestible for our pets, maximising nutrient absorption without the risk of potential choking or digestive issues.

We use a bovine source of high pharmaceutical grade bone powder. It contains 100% bone, without the protein allergen. Only a small percentage is included for its nutritional value and to meet the AAFCO, FEDIAF and NRC industry nutrition standards for complete and balanced. It would be very rare that a dog or cat would have a reaction to this bone powder.  However, if concerned, it’s always best to consult your vet.

Safe Eating: Say goodbye to the days of worrying about large bone chunks or splinters! Bone powder seamlessly integrates into raw feeding recipes, making meal preparation a breeze for pet parents. Our raw patties won't lead to splintering or any loss of nutritional value.

Cooking the patties can provide additional peace of mind, especially for those wary of feeding entirely raw diets. However, if you are cooking our patties, please be mindful that Proudi is formulated to be served raw and is complete and balanced as per AAFCO, FEDIAF and NRC as such.  While feeding cooked Proudi to your pet will not be immediately harmful, it will diminish the nutritional value of the product and we cannot be sure of how much this will occur.

Balanced Nutrition: With bone powder, we can precisely control the amount of bone content in your pet's diet, ensuring they receive the optimal balance of calcium and phosphorus without any guesswork.

The Marvels of Bone Powder for Cats and Dogs

There are many paw-sitive impacts bone powder can have on our furry companions:

Strong Teeth and Bones: Just like us, our pets need strong teeth and bones to lead active, healthy lives. Bone powder provides the essential minerals necessary for bone density and dental health, promoting robust teeth and bones in cats and dogs of all ages.

Joint Health: Ageing gracefully is a goal we share with our pets. Bone powder contains glucosamine and chondroitin, natural compounds known for supporting joint health and mobility, making it an excellent addition for senior pets or those prone to joint issues.Digestive Health: Thanks to its finely ground nature, bone powder aids in digestion, gently supporting your pet's gastrointestinal system and promoting regularity.

Dental Hygiene: Chewing on bones helps naturally clean teeth and gums, reducing plaque and tartar buildup. Bone powder offers similar benefits without the risk of splintering, ensuring your pet's dental hygiene remains top-notch.


In conclusion, bone powder is a mighty marvel in the realm of raw feeding, offering a myriad of benefits for your beloved cats and dogs. From promoting strong teeth and bones to supporting digestive health and joint mobility, this magical ingredient is enriched in our Proudi patties and is a must-have for any raw feeding pet parent.