Raw Feeding guide for Puppies and Kittens

Raw Feeding guide for Puppies and Kittens

Are you about to welcome a new kitten or puppy into your home? Ensuring your new furry companion thrives starts with providing them with the best possible diet from the beginning.

One of the most beneficial choices you can make for your puppy or kitten is raw feeding. This natural diet will help them flourish in every aspect of their health and well-being. Let's explore why raw feeding is the best choice and how you can seamlessly introduce it into your puppy or kitten's routine.


Why raw is best

Feeding your furry friend a raw diet ensures they get the freshest, most natural nutrients possible. This helps support their growth, immune system, and overall vitality. Think of it as giving them the very best start in life, filled with energy and joy.

Providing a natural diet aligned with a cat and dog's instincts helps them thrive. A prey-model raw diet is an excellent choice, as it replicates the nutritional content of their natural prey as it consists of raw meats, organs and bones. Feeding them a raw diet mimics what they would eat in the wild, leading to benefits like improved digestion, healthier coat, stronger immune health and increased energy levels. 


So how do I introduce raw?

If your breeder has already started them on a raw diet, then the transition is easy! You can introduce Proudi raw the moment you bring your new pet home.

However, if your breeder fed them dried or cooked food, or if you’re unsure about their initial diet, you should gradually introduce raw food. Start slow – for the first four days, offer 25% raw food mixed with 75% of their previous diet. Over the course of two weeks, gradually increase the amount of raw food. It’s normal for your puppy or kitten to experience some mild digestive changes during this transition period.

Feeding Guide - Kittens

What Proudi products are suitable for puppies?

We recommend starting with a consistent meal plan for the first couple of weeks to identify any potential allergies. Proudi Turkey and Beef, Single Protein Chicken, and Single Protein Beef are all excellent options for puppies. These products exceed the required nutrient levels for a complete and balanced diet for puppies as per AAFCO guidelines.


What Proudi products are suitable for kittens?

Our Turkey & Beef recipe has been specially formulated to meet the needs of kittens. It contains the purrrfect combination of human-grade Turkey and Beef, and is enriched with a higher fat content, which is essential for the energy needs and healthy development of active kittens (and even lactating mothers). It's been formulated to exceed recommended nutrient profiles for cat food set by AAFCO guidelines.

Our other cat products can be fed to kittens as part of their diet, but they are not complete and balanced as a full diet. From 10 months of age in most breeds (excluding large breeds such as Maine Coons), kittens will have reached adulthood and the entire Proudi cat range will be perfectly suitable, and complete and balanced as a whole diet.


How often should my puppy or kitten eat?

Puppies and kittens have small stomachs, so it's best not to offer all their food at once. Instead, feed them smaller quantities more frequently throughout the day – typically three to four times per day. 


How much do they need to eat?

Feeding amounts will vary depending on age, breed, and activity level. Generally, puppies and kittens have higher energy requirements than adult dogs and cats because they are growing so rapidly. Even though their stomachs are smaller, they will actually be eating more than a high-activity adult! Follow our guide below and monitor your kitten or puppy and adjust feeding if necessary, ensuring they are maintaining a healthy weight. 


Feeding Guide - Kittens