Our Standards and Practices

Proudi’s standards and practices allow us to provide the very best quality nutrition for dogs and cats.

Certified Human Grade

Choosing human grade means choosing the same standards for your companion animals as you would for yourself. All ingredients in Proudi products are certified as human grade and sourced from trusted human grade Australian suppliers.

We do not add any ingredients that are not clearly listed on our packaging, nor list any ingredients that are not in the product. There are many pet meat manufacturers who use horse meat in place of other listed ingredients. We would like to assure our customers that this is a practice we resolutely object to and would never participate in.

Our ingredients are listed precisely, and we do not include unspecified ingredients such as “seasonable vegetables”, or “beef and/or chicken.”

You will find “pet food only” stated on our packaging as Proudi has been formulated and certified as complete and balanced for dogs and cats. As such, it is a legal requirement to make consumers aware it is not meant for human consumption. However, you can be assured that every ingredient in Proudi is certified human grade, as is our manufacturing facility.

Our Suppliers

Proudi source free range, grass-fed and human grade produce from reputable Australian suppliers. All of our raw produce suppliers have qualified meat inspectors, inspecting and passing all meat as fit for human consumption and disease free before it is sold. They also conduct regular testing to ensure there is no risk of contamination.

Suppliers exceed standards set by industry specific regulatory bodies for ensuring animal welfare, including Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare System (AAWCS), Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program and the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme. These organisations ensure our suppliers are providing animals with the 5 freedoms that underpin animal welfare (Freedom from: thirst, hunger and malnutrition; physical and thermal discomfort; injury, pain and disease; and freedom to express normal patterns of behaviour).

We stand firmly against the use of feed grade meat suppliers and knackeries, who are known to process diseased and dying animals as an inexpensive pet food option. Any disease or toxin these animals are subject to can then be passed on to the dogs and cats eating the product.

Our suppliers provide the same meat products to Proudi as they do to supermarkets, restaurants and fast food chains for human consumption.

Our Factory

Our manufacturing facility is located on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Importantly, this factory is also certified as human grade. It is Safe Food QLD accredited (accreditation number: 124881000) and has HACCP approved programs in place to protect the integrity of our product throughout the manufacturing process.

Once in our factory, all raw produce undergoes additional regular testing for E.coli, coliforms and salmonella sp.

Our factory manager is accredited in meat safety and understands the dangers of not using certified human grade produce and the harm it can have on any animal who consumes it.

Our Formulation

Proudi is scientifically formulated with the best quality ingredients by a CSIRO veteran food scientist and animal nutritionists. Every ingredient has been broken down into molecule level nutrients and formulated into ideal ratios so that the amount of a particular nutrient from the different ingredients combined exceeds the AAFCO, FEDIAF and Australian standards for animal nutrition.

We always ensure human grade muscle meat makes up the majority of our products and that’s why these ingredients are listed first in the ingredient lists. Organ meats are listed next and are supporting ingredients, providing the rich vitamins and minerals which aren’t found in muscle meat.


We are advocates for transparency in the pet food industry and as such are happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the above.  We understand customers want nothing but the best for their companion animals and we will do our best to provide the information needed to assure you of Proudi’s quality standards.

You can reach out to us here.

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