At YumGuard, we take pride in being a part of the Proudi family and are committed to crafting snacks that not only make your canine companions lick their paws in pure delight but also provide them with essential nutrition. Our dedication to quality is evident in our careful selection of natural superfood ingredients. These ingredients form the basis of our nutritional supplements for dogs, with Australian Chlorella as our star ingredient.

By excluding any additives or preservatives, we ensure that our supplements offer pure and natural nutrients that have been scientifically proven to enhance various aspects of your dog's health. From detoxification and digestion to skin and coat condition, immunity, energy, vitality, and cellular health, our supplements provide comprehensive support for your canine friend's overall well-being.


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Indulge your furry friends with a delicious and nutritious treat for Cats and Dogs. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including the renowned Chlorella Growth Factor. It promotes healthy tissue growth and repair. With four irresistible flavours to choose from.

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