The Benefits of Raw Feeding for Dogs and Cats

The Benefits of Raw Feeding for Dogs and Cats

It is common for household dogs and cats worldwide to experience health issues related to weight management, bone and joint conditions, skin conditions, oral health, and digestion. However, these areas of your pet's health can be effectively strengthened and managed through the use of a biologically appropriate approach.
, complete and balanced, human-grade raw diet.

Some of the benefits reported as early signs of health improvement on a raw diet are:

Healthy Skin and Coat

A human-grade, raw diet is rich in protein, amino acids, fatty acids and zinc. These nutrients are ideal for skin and coat condition. Carnivores cannot access these nutrients through plant foods and they are vital for the health of the skin and coat. Inadequate intake of these nutrients can result in dry skin, a dry and dull coat, reddened skin and hair/fur loss.

Proudi has been formulated as a diet that contains all of the essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that you dog or cat requires to thrive.

Improved Stamina and Energy Levels

The highly nutritious prey model raw diet is known to improve energy and stamina in cats and dogs. Cats, in particular, are only capable of receiving their energy from meat protein sources. Even for dogs, however, carbohydrates can cause energy spikes and falls, leading to hyperactivity and lethargy.

A raw diet ensures our pets have consistent and healthy energy and stamina- exactly the vitality we hope to see in our fur companions.  

Weight Management

A high protein, moderate fat and low carbohydrate diet will assist in muscle toning and fat shedding. In Australia, 41% of dogs and 32% of cats are overweight. This suggests an urgent need to switch to a healthier low carbohydrate diet.

Excessive carbohydrate consumption can lead to weight gain and diabetes

Kibble contains around 30-50% carbohydrates. This is excessive for carnivores, who are built to consume minimal carbohydrates found in some organs and occasionally stomach contents.

Minimising sugar (by way of carbohydrate) intake and maintaining healthy energy levels for weight management will lessen the risk of your dog or cat developing diabetes. For animals who are already living with diabetes, a low carbohydrate diet is ideal for regulating blood sugar.

A quality raw diet, like Proudi Raw Frozen patties for dogs and cats contains around 2-5% carbohydrates, 14-19% protein, 67-72% moisture and 5-10% fat- a natural prey model ratio for carnivores.

Strong Bones and Joints

An appropriate calcium and phosphorus ratio can be found in a prey model raw diet. This is ideal for healthy bones and joints. Raw bone contains calcium that is far more digestible than from other sources.

An optimum balance and pro and anti-inflammatory omega 6 and 3 aids in the management and prevention of joint conditions, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia, as well as improving immune function.

Proudi raw frozen patties for dogs contain 0.5% calcium derived from 5% human-grade raw bone powder.  

Muscle Tissue Growth

Calcium is also needed for ensuring strong and healthy muscle function, the most important of these, being the heart muscle. Additionally, the lysine content in raw meat is vital to muscle tissue growth and repair.

Oral Health

Strong and healthy teeth are more likely to develop from infancy if weaned puppies and kittens continue to have adequate calcium intake.

Starchy kibble can cause plaque build-up, leading directly to tooth decay and gum disease.

If your dog or cat is on a premade raw diet, like Proudi Raw Frozen Patties for Dogs and Cats, the ideal calcium content will aid in strengthening teeth and bones. The consistency of the food will also stick to and remove plaque.

The act of tearing and chewing whole raw bone with meat and tendons also cleans the teeth. So, for additional teeth cleaning, feed a whole edible raw meaty bone twice weekly.


Raw meat has far better hydrating qualities than dry kibble. While kibble contains approximately 7 – 12% water, a prey animal will contain around 70% water- the approximate percentage your dog or cat will get from a prey model raw diet.

Proudi Raw Frozen Patties for Dogs and Cats contains around 69% moisture.

Hydration and Cats

Moisture content is particularly important for cats. Domestic cats do not crave water and in the same way that humans or dogs do. Dehydration is a real risk and can become imminent when the moisture percentage of a cat’s food is less than 61%.

Additionally, kidney disease is the leading cause of mortality in cats and can be prevented with a high moisture diet, like Proudi Raw Frozen Patties for cats.


Cats and dogs have limited amylase, an enzyme used for digesting plant matter and carbohydrates. They have their own way of producing carbohydrates from meat sources in their bodies.  When they consume additional carbohydrates in excess, the pancreas can become overworked. Additionally, animal fibre in meat and bones acts as a prebiotic to support digestion

The health benefits of a biologically appropriate raw diet influence the entire physical functionality of your dog or cat, much like our human diet influences ours.